2015 FT-86 II – Scion Concept

2015 FT-86 II – Scion Concept

2015 FT-86 II – Scion Concept

2015 FT-86 II – Scion Concept-The auto will simply get a minor overhaul yet this doesn't mean it won't be changed at all. It will truly get a few inside rigging and trimmings that you couldn't get in the later past, better styling and improved dealing with. 

2015 Toyota Gt86 side point of view 

We ought to start with what portrayed this auto most, its body. Much the same as before it is arranged to be a bona fide drivers auto that won't move down in any case. To help with that Toyota decided to set up the back suspension by up to 40% moreover decrease the suspension go in the front by a little edge. This makes the auto considerably all the more relentless in tight turns, making the auto have no body move at all. The wheels also got a minor overhaul. While the past auto went with 17 inch wheels with low moving security tires, this new model will go hand in hand with more far reaching 17 inch wheels with diversion tires in order to improve the hold of the auto. 

2015 Toyota Gt86 inside 


2015 FT-86 II – Scion Concept

2015 FT-86 II – Scion Concept
In the motor 

Engine clever there isn't much to talk about it essentially yet. The engine will be the same 2 liter unit that temporarily prior controlled the more settled model. This boxer four is fit for offering up to around 200 drive and around 180 lb-ft. 

2015 Toyota Gt86 front view 1 
2015 FT-86 II – Scion Concept

This engine will be mated to a 6 pace manual transmission that is coupled to the back wheels through an obliged slip differential. This suggests the auto may be the perfect stage for drifters or for people who need to have a fantastic time on the track. 


Fuel usage for this new model is incredible at around 27 MPG generally while execution is amazing when considering the quality and energy of the auto. It will be open starting with end of 2014 at a base expense of around 25.000$. Nevertheless, when we talk about dispatch date, experiences about. 

2015 FT-86 II – Scion Concept

2015 Toyota Gt86 back viewpoint 

In the new 2015 Toyota Gt86 we'll see the same level of comfort as that of the past period. The auto will have manual AC, a Mp3 player and moreover fabric upholstery as standard. Decisions will fuse climate control, satellite course moreover Alcantara seats with cowhide upholstery. 

The external surface of course will be fundamentally unclear to that of the past period with a minor unique case. The satellite and radio gathering mechanical assembly will now take the condition of a shark parity with a particular finished objective to abatement drag and make a prevalent look. 

At the end, if we look worth, specs and contrivances of this auto, this vehicle is right choice.

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