2018 Toyota Hiace Review

2018 Toyota Hiace Review

2018 Toyota Hiace Review - The Toyota HiAce is a car produced by Toyota Japan manufacturers. First launched in 1967, the HiAce from available in several changes of configurations, including the Minivan (MPV) and minibus, van, pick-up, taxi and ambulance. In Japan exclusively for the HiAce Toyopet store locations. Hiace and variants are not currently offered in North America.

2018 Toyota Hiace Review

Fifth generation HiAce appeared in 2005 as a length of wheelbase of super wide, wide truck long-distance between axes high roof as named Grand cabin, wheels are long as van need, high roof of van long battle high roof van and super wide-long-wheelbase. In this generation that has moved the lever to the Board, allows easy movement in the cabin. The manual five-speed and four-speed automatic transmission is also available.

All models use a four-cylinder DOHC engine, in different forms, 1TR-FE 2000 cc engine of 2TR-FE 2700 cc or 2KD-FTV cc gasoline 2,500 or 3,000 cc 1KD-FTV D-4 D turbo diesel engine. Two engines are available in Malaysia, 2.5 L turbo diesel, offered a choice of truck or van window; petrol and 2.7 L, that appear only in the Options window van.

In Japan, Toyota GPS internet and vehicle telematics service called G-book created as an option on all packets of adjustment for personal or commercial use. Fifth generation Hiace was launched in the Philippines on 13 June 2005, with the D - 4 D diesel variant, 2.5 and Rp horse GL, with a manual transmission. In 2006, the HiAce Super horse-punta launches new Rp, becoming the first ever HiAce in the Philippines with a standard automatic transmission.

Having 2.5 and 3.0 liter of turbo-diesel engine as a maximum output of electricity in amount of 75 kW at 3600 rpm and 80 kW at 3000 rpm and maximum torque of 260 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm and also 286 Nm at 1200-1600 rpm as  respectively. 2.7 litre petrol engine has a maximum output of 111 kW up to 4,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 241 Nm at 3,800 rpm.

A list of most stolen vehicles from Japan HiAce currently resides in the first place. Due to lack of theft immobilizer, it is fairly easy to steal a HiAce, as opposed to the more valuable SUVS and sports cars, a more sophisticated system of theft deterrent. HiAces also forms of transport that is used by members of the entertainment industry in Hong Kong.

2018 Toyota Hiace Review Interior and Exterior

Either to persons or property, the Hiace will prove to be a versatile partner. With an economic and reliable, spacious room with practical function, this workhorse is the perfect complement to your business.

Hiace cut a strong figure with a contemporary design, exuding a solidity and reliability. Grille radiator and front bumper, inspired by contemporary design, exuding the fresh look. Width of sliding side doors and rear door width do Hiace vehicles really accessible. The staff of ti or goods, loading and unloading very easy! Side sliding windows are practical and functional with the aesthetic appearance. Practicality is a theme carried throughout the Hiace, even with the combination of rear light.

2018 Toyota Hiace Review

With enough space and comfort for 10, van Hiace window ready for you and your people. If you are a transport van, panel will add a new dimension to the growth of your company. More space, more people means more goods moving and performs, it's that simple.

Window van seats 8 comfortably seats and two seats in the front cabin. Each seat is broad and can be set with a seat belt 3 points for the improvement of the security *. Keep fresh wherever you are, with three for cooling selector control rapid cabin for the convenience of passengers. MUSIC in motion, do the work while listening to your favorite songs with the touch of a switch on the panel of the cluster is simple. Features include CD Player 1-DIN head units with tuner, MP3, aux Jack, USB and 4 speakers *. Stay informed, ring 3 meters analog with external temperature for easy viewing. EASY manually the bobbin, bobbin up and down the window was a thing of the past, a touch Windows you can enjoy hassle-free energy. Wide spaces, cargo compartment * flexibility allows the flexibility to carry items for every need of your logistics. The hardness of durable and corrosion-resistant materials are used in key areas along the Hiace to provide long-term protection against corrosion.

2018 Toyota Hiace Review Performance

Toyota Hiace combines legendary durability, unmatched reliability and driving powerful and sensitive. A perfect tool to promote your business to a higher level.

2018 Toyota Hiace Review

ENERGY that you can rely on the 2.7 liter 16-valve DOHC window van economic characteristics and reliable Toyota VVT-i (Variable valve with intelligence synchronization)-engine petrol engine that delivers a low, mid-range power and torque. Powerful and economical, 2.5 liter 16 valve DOHC Turbo Diesel common rail offers a practical balance of power and fuel economy. This machine also provides a high level of torque and reliable performance. COMFORT, enjoy a comfortable driving and or riding even at full loaded car. The combination of a torsion bar front double-wishbone suspension and rear suspension spring crossbow will provide optimized stability. Easy parking, with 5.0 m minimum turning radius, can easily handle the Hiace for parking spaces.

2018 Toyota Hiace Review Safety

Thinking of the future is an integral part of good leadership. Insurance will be maintained with the Hiace, the people and what has always been.

Stay safe, working with pre-tensioning front seat belts to help keep you and your passengers are safe if a frontal collision to occur. Security alert, provides greater safety in all conditions. Peace of mind, three points for all occupants safety belts provides added security. Crumple zones, intrusion forced enough front Hiace force will absorb the impact. The combined side, upper and front impact beam contribute to its class leading security. PROTECTION of the foot, in a frontal collision, the folds of the brake pedal to minimize the risk of risk of injury to the legs of the driver. Easy parking, rear Park sensors can be reversed easily thanks to the Hiace is reliable. The quality of protection, minimize the risk of theft and theft with an alarm system siren is. Stay safe with automatic door lock function. The BACK-UP PLAN, which consists of a first aid Kit, cables, bridge and safety in any unexpected emergency triangle.

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