2018 Toyota Sienta Review

2018 Toyota Sienta Review

2018 Toyota Sienta Review - On this occasion we will discuss the car that was recently launched by Toyota and got special attention by the people of Indonesia. That car is the Toyota Sienta. Different segments in the variant to complement the present lineup of cars MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) which in general consumption by families in world wide nowadays. Have a uniqueness that is a little different on basic features that embedded in this car, Yes it is the door slide in applied on the door of a passenger in the middle seat. Although this type of door is it shows the character of the luxury cars in General, but not in the cute Toyota Sienta, car front grille design with a very friendly and the impression as "happy family car" and the memorable body grooves are very friendly and homey prove that Toyota would be very optimistic marketing and target user that many of this year's launch of the Toyota Sienta.

2018 Toyota Sienta Review

Toyota Sienta is a tiny sub-compact minivan to the slide that is currently sold only in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tanzania, Indonesia and Kenya. A variant of this car was introduced in September 2003, although its size is very small but this car contains as many as 7 seats. This is an avant-garde styling feature that is very similar to the Renault Twingo. Toyota Sienta consists of 3-seat row, 7-seat Mini MPV based on the sub-compact car Toyota Vitz. Designed to be a fun family vehicle, Sienta dressed front cabin design and luxurious interior.

Present in 2003 as the first generation

Toyota Sienta is a car commonly seen in Japan, due to its easy maintenance, low fuel consumption for a MPV ranging from 12 km/l to 16 km/l, and with sliding door (slide). Car Toyota Sienta is also can be found in Hong Kong and Singapore through parallel imports.

Toyota Sienta affect a facelift (minor change) in 2006, 3 years after first production. As for minor changes such as the presence of a new color is added to the ranks of Toyota cars, such as Apple Green, Gun-Metal gray, and Metallic Blue. Another upgrade is done on this facelift model is two electric-powered sliding doors (automatic).

2018 Toyota Sienta Review

Powered by premium fueled engines (gasoline) the 1.5 liter VVT-i, Sienta capable of producing 110 bhp (82 kW) at 6000 rpm, and also the Sienta comes equipped with CVT transmission for performance driving more enjoyable and comfortable. Support technology of ABS and EBD are standard safety features is also no escape from yg features offered by Toyota Sienta launched in 2006.

For 2007, Toyota Sienta only market this model is Japan only, with the addition of feature G-BOOK, subscription, telematics services offered as a choice over the features that have been tersematkan at the launch of the Sienta in 2006.

Toyota Sienta cut from the lineup in the fall of 2010 because of age, though once Toyota Sienta still have selling points well enough. But soon it was reintroduced with minor changes (except for trim level was renamed and a new sport model Sienta, Dice, with a more aggressive styling) in May 2011 in the post-earthquake and tsunami of March 11.

Second generation present in 2015

The second generation of Toyota Sienta debuted on July 9, 2015. The second generation of the design shaped box, like its predecessor to the sporty exterior design inspired by the shape of the shoe trekking, and has a huge front grille and bumper rear garnish that connect the lights. This minivan offers three interior layout: 7-seats, 2-seats and 5-seats (for wheelchair users). The interior space has turned into changes all their field compared to the previous model of design. There is a hybrid engine, which has a travel power 27.2 km/L (3.6 l/100 km or 63.9 mpg US) under the test cycle JC08 Japan, making him eligible for the eco-car subsidies and tax incentives. While Toyota Sienta non-hybrid helpless runway 20.6 km/L (4.8 l/100 km or 48.4 mpg US) in a 2WD. a "Stop & Start System" that is offered as standard. The second generation was also the first to be sold in Hong Kong, and is also available in Singapore Toyota Sienta. available in G, X, X and G Hybrid Hybrid in Japan.

2018 Toyota Sienta Review

For all automotive lover, this is the new era of car. The new look, fresh and sporty design. Light up your day by 2018 Toyota Sienta. At this moment toyotareales could reach this information so far. Wait for our next fresh information about 2018 Toyota Sienta Review in the future. 

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