2018 Toyota GT86 Review

2018 Toyota GT86 Review

2018 Toyota GT86 Review - GT86 designed to bring back the joy of driving a sports car. It has been developed by and for people with a sincere passion for sports cars. Called 86 partly in homage of his predecessor, AE86 and much indicate that 86 mm of diameter x 86 mm of race. 86 is the latest in a long series of exciting sports cars of Toyota. This is based on the legacy Toyota rear-wheel drive, front-engine dating back to 1965 with sport 800 sports cars. This was followed by the race track other cars as the 2000GT, which is generally known as the first super-car and AE86 cars in Japan today is still a favourite with the fans.

2018 Toyota GT86 Review

2018 Toyota GT86 shares DNA with some of the car of them sports more interesting songwriting tested never made and was tested in the stage key of the track of its development. Professional drivers have participated from the beginning support with the development of key aspects of the car to the design of the steering wheel. Performance car tested on tracks hard as Fuji Speedway and Shibets in Japan and the Nürburgring in Germany, which has been the fall of many adverse cambers chassis.

GT86 has a very low stance. This is a modern form of efficient features timeless aspects of the 2000GT. at the front, a flat that Cap tilted forward indicates the presence of horizontal against Boxer engines, while on the back, lift the aerodynamic performance of the rear diffuser and agility AIDS. The cab in the GT86 was cluttered spaces so that the instruments and controls are right where you need for them and designed so that nothing gets in the form of lead.

GT86 2018 has a variety of advanced security features. It was built on a steel frame offers very stiff with the upper class and the rift has front and rear set areas. Comes with 7 airbags SRS, control of stability of the vehicle (VSC) and control of traction (CRT), as well as of package braking advanced with system of brakes slip, electric distribution of Brake-force and also assistance of braking. Bosingwa 2018 Toyota GT86 has been tested in circuits such as Nürburgring to ensure levels of performance and reliability in all conditions. And with his side Toyota service advantage, you know that you will be attended by 86 trained Toyota technicians who know your vehicle inside.

2018 Toyota GT86 Exterior

The shape and design of the 2018 Toyota GT86, combined with the position of the weight of the component to the center of the vehicle of the city, it has allowed Toyota to create a car with a low center of gravity and one 2 + 2 sports car is more compact and lightweight in the world. With a lightweight frame of steel with a very high class, reinforced front or side crack, a member of the bar of the strut Tower and aluminium under cover, engine 86 very hard shell.

Timeless design reflects ancient heritage 86 sports car of Toyota and includes cars like sports 800, 2000GT and AE86. It has Toyota signature T-malla front grille design and you will find the logo of 86' horizontal ' front for the defence of typical piston.

2018 Toyota GT86 Interior

2018 Toyota GT86 Review

365 mm, 2018 Toyota GT86 has the smallest diameter of the steering wheel in the Toyota range. The steering wheel was developed with the help of the 86 drivers professional sports to offer the best possible grip. The designs are focus really in it driving with any disorder of controls steering wheel mounted in all. Ratio of the steering rack in similar to the racing car 1:1 and make sure that the address is very sensitive. GT86, designed to offer support and comfort doors of GTS models equipped with knee and shoulder pads to provide additional support through the corners.

2018 GT86 cluttered cabin designed to make you feel at one with the car and presented so that nothing gets in the form of lead. Cockpit is functional, practical and fashionable. Steering wheel and gearshift lever are designed according to the driver. In the fabric of the GTS model Toyota T-patron of mesh seats. All about the booth design and the design of the seats, the steering wheel diameter is small and simple, clear instruments, the lever and pedal - aims to improve the experience of the driver.

2018 Toyota GT86 Performance

86 is the latest in a long line of traction of the sports car from Toyota that begins with a rear-wheel drive sports 800, 2000GT and continued with in the 1980's saw the introduction of the AE86-still a favorite with tracks from around the world. 86 was born and on the track. Tweaking all aspects of driving at the Nürburgring in Germany, honing the essential elements of the acceleration, braking and cornering. More adjustment fine passing in Fuji Speedway, circuit of Suzuka and Shibetsu Proving Ground in Japan.

Balance and handling, all parts are heavier than 86 positioned as low and about half of the car as possible, allowing a very low center of gravity. In a world first, machine features horizontally opposed 2018 Toyota GT86 combined with Toyota D-4S direct injection system. The form flat of them media DOHC 16 valve 2.0 L engine that is feel low and towards the car midship helps with distribution of weight.

Lightweight body and strong 2.0 L the search engine optimizes the power to weight, combined with the center of gravity ultra low vehicle, exceptional agility gives GT86. 2018 Toyota GT86 new approach employs the aerodynamics. Not only holds the car on the road with force, the flow of air above, below and to the side are used to stabilize the 86, giving as a result agile handling. With a front engine, rear-wheel drive and six-speed gearbox design, 86 puts you in contact with a real driving experience. available 6-speed automatic transmission with manual acceleration 6 86. 86 53:47 distribution of weight of forward to back (stationary) and low center of gravity combined with traction rear to give it great agility of the car and the handling sensitive. On the track, setting.

2018 Toyota GT86 Review

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