2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Reviews

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Reviews

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Reviews - The safety more important no matter where the road takes you. FJ Cruiser built to maximize the protection in all type of environment of driving. Control of stability of the vehicle (VSC) and traction control (TRC) helps to keep your path in a difficult driving conditions. 5-Variator of drag you helps to keep the progress even on the surface slippery and uneven, Off-Road, care of the accelerator and brake to keep it in its speed, by what only can focus is in the steering wheel. Advanced braking systems including brake system (ABS), electronic distribution of pressure anti-lock brakes (EBD) and brake assist (BA). Neutralize the camera see what is behind TI to turn back the clock. To protect you from go to car thieves, FJ Cruiser also has an engine immobilizer so that only the holder of the key to be able to start the vehicle.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Reviews

Long ago, a legend of the 4WD was invented, and now technology is driving the legend that in the future. FJ Cruiser uses technology to ensure an increase in 4WD and experience of driving on the road. All controls need at your fingertips with controls on steering wheel and Bluetooth® and Multi information display, which includes a compass and an inclinometer of the adventure.

Let's not kid ourselves; FJ Cruiser has a presence of the way serious. Icons white ceilings (except the fury red), them headlights of halogen round and a surround rear window of fourth and it part upper of the Defense yielded tribute to the classic FJ40. Privacy glass covers back side, quarter and back window. The rear of the vehicle also features rear fog lamps; access door and the rear hatch glass window. For all practical purposes, have coatings water repellent seats; cargo lashing points area; the armchair and padding in the front seat for maximum comfort.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Interior and Exterior

For starters, you'll see a strikingly white ceilings (except the Red Fury) that match the original - and create a unique and different look that will turn your head. The new FJ Cruiser also maintain the attractiveness of the bulk of a traditional round headlights integrated in the logo of sports front grille Toyota name. Is is of the evolution of the lines modern of the FJ40 classic.

Surround rear fender above and also paid tribute to the legend of 4WD adventure bash-FJ Cruiser offers an attitude rough and athletics.

FJ Cruiser had infused with more than 50 years the legacy of 4WD. It has off-road capability and durability of Toyota famous, but now he has a new attitude to Australia. Decades of evidence of torture, covering all the continents, combined with the passion of Toyota for the off-road supremacy, has produced this new type of 4WD: FJ Cruiser. As the spiritual successor of the FJ40 FJ Cruiser design, definitely pays homage to the past. The hotel has a unique design, that brings a lot of harsh DNA FJ40 is respected.

Inside, the FJ Cruiser also has a unique attraction - with premium steering wheel and shift knob that complement gray fabric and trim. As the original FJ40, interior accent also complies with the exterior body color. Satellite navigation systems on board [N1] [F1] character to add FJ Cruiser premium. Multi information display (MID) consists of three unique, circular fast, which provides information on the position of your car, temperature and slope direction: important information for your 4WD adventure. Unique design of the FJ Cruiser is importantly, not just looks. It also features the legendary off-road capability and renowned durability of Toyota, but with the attitude that is completely new in Australia.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Reviews

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Performance

Not without performance and FJ Cruiser 4WD includes a number of technologies for optimum performance in all environments. Starting the engine, FJ Cruiser uses the same engines of six cylinder 4.0 L as the Museo del Prado. Dual VVT-i technology provides strength and efficiency. Part-time 4WD system allows you to switch to the more efficient if not way is the way.

It can also turn on the speed regulator for driving over the business. When you get out of line, can count on active traction control (A-TRC), 5-speed drag handle, electronic distribution of brake pressure (EBD), stability control (VSC) vehicle, locking rear differential, heavy duty suspension and impressive height. Not light, FJ Cruiser is 2,250 kg towing capacity with brake that can carry all the equipment you need for your visit.

Of the Chair, the wheels, components of the train's landing, for the FJ Cruiser has been completely designed for off road of driving. The dimension is compatible with a position wide, them muscles, similar to the FJ40 original. Angles of approach and departure generously allows up and down steep obstacles, while 224 mm ground clearance means that you can explore more without damaging the bottom of the vehicle. The great wheel articulation help navigating through land and air placed special help across the water. When you need to maneuver in more complicated terrain, you can activate a control that automatically CRAWL control throttle and brakes to maintain your pace, so you can concentrate on the steering wheel. For the difference in height that comes with the cast, helping to resolve after the assistance of the front seat passenger remain stable and make entry and exit easier.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Technology

Eliminate interference makes for a better experience of driving and travel insurance. It is on the left side of the wheel, can use the audio controls to adjust the volume of the music or the radio, select them new songs from an integrated CD player one changing mode disc, audio or films, among the preset radio stations. The design allows you to focus on the road ahead while enjoying maximum comfort in the interior.

There are two speakers mounted in the front doors, two Board mounting, two integrated into ceiling cavity and two front speakers are mounted in the rear pillars. Two roof "Exciter" speaker integrated into the roof of the FJ and used the ceiling yes same as a diaphragm of propagation sound evenly throughout the cabin and complements other more conventional speakers. The system is easy to control the audio integer while driving - by volume, seek and mode buttons are located on the steering wheel.

On the left side of the screen you will find a direct Compass tells you that your vehicle is pointing in the direction. There is a device of measurement of temperature, that you says the temperature outside of the vehicle at any time. And to the right of the screen, you will find the inclinometer. This meter indicates the level of the trend in a time certain, what you allows access easily to the severity of the obstacle that navigate.

At Toyota, we believe in doing everything possible to prevent accidents before they happen. It is part of our commitment to active safety. For this reason, we have equipped FJ Cruiser with some important innovations and technology. As well as a range of it technology 4WD for help to keep his vehicle with safety in the road, our engineers also includes sensors of parking back-to help you to the invest in a tight space of parking.

Despite its impressive size and stature, reverse the FJ Cruiser is made very easy thanks to the reverse parking two sensors are mounted at the rear of the vehicle. The signal is provided by the parking sensors tell the distance of objects in relation to the back of your FJ Cruiser. Near the object, faster the warning buzzer will sound. For objects that are between 100 and 150 cm in the car, the car emits a beep-beep that is 150 microseconds apart. If the goal is between 50 and 100 cm away, the sound will be apart from 75 microseconds. And if the object of less than 50 cm, the warning buzzer will sound continuously. This means that you can set your parking and avoid unpleasant scratches and prangs.

To help reverse the safer and avoid obstacles, FJ Cruiser also comes equipped with a reversing camera. The vision of the reversing camera is integrated into ingenious anti-glare electro chromatic mirrors of the vehicle through the 3.3 inch LCD screen and offers a clear view of the rear which can help invest more efficiently and increases awareness of obstacles that may be in your way.

The mirror also automatically adjust the level according to the reflection of light emanating from the rear of the vehicle. This limits the amount of glare to the driver and make sure that you can always see what is happening behind your vehicle.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Reviews

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